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Hillary Clinton slams Facebook after the social media site refuses to remove ‘sexist trash’ doctored video of Nancy Pelosi which makes her seem drunk

NewsHillary Clinton slams Facebook after the social media site refuses to remove 'sexist trash' doctored video of Nancy Pelosi which makes her seem drunk

Hillary Clinton hit out at Facebook on Wednesday for refusing to remove a doctored video showing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slurring her words.

The former presidential candidate labelled the videos ‘sexist trash’ during her commencement address to Hunter College’s graduating class at Madison Square Garden in New York.

‘The big social media platforms know their systems are being manipulated by foreign and domestic actors to sow division, promote extremism and spread misinformation,’ Clinton said.

‘But they won’t get serious about cleaning up their platforms unless consumers demand it.’

‘And we saw why it’s so important just last week, when Facebook refused to take down a fake video of Nancy Pelosi,’ she continued.

‘It wasn’t even a close call. The video is sexist trash. And YouTube took it down but Facebook kept it up.’

Pelosi slammed Facebook on Wednesday for not taking down the altered video of her, accusing them of ‘lying to the public’ and saying it shows ‘they were willing enablers of the Russian interference in our election.’

Facebook is warning users a video of Pelosi is fake but is refusing to remove the altered footage of her speech at a Center for American Progress event.

‘I was giving them the benefit of the doubt on Russia – I thought it was unwitting- but clearly they were wittingly accomplices and enablers of false information across Facebook,’ she told The Commonwealth Club of California on Wednesday afternoon.

She argued the tech giant’s actions could keep women and minorities from running for public office because of fears of online criticism.

‘If you were going to go out there why would you subject yourself to that. And that’s what disappoints,’ Pelosi said.

She added that she can take the online savaging.

‘I don’t care. I can take it,’ Pelosi said. ‘If I didn’t have thick skin I wouldn’t be speaker of the House.’

‘In the arena you have to be ready to take a punch but you have to be willing to throw one too,’ she added. ‘For the children.’

Wednesday marked the speaker’s first public comments on the video, which has gotten 2.8 million views on Facebook and more 30,000 comments.

Facebook added ‘fact check’ articles to the video’s page, which call the video ‘manipulated’ but it still available for viewing.

President Donald Trump got in on the action when he tweeted a video from Fox Business Network, which was a compilation video of the congresswoman ‘stammering’ during a press briefing.

‘PELOSI STAMMERS THROUGH NEWS CONFERENCE,’ he wrote alongside the video last week.

Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney, tweeted a link to the altered video Thursday night with the comment: ‘What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi? Her speech pattern is bizarre.’ The tweet has since been deleted.

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